5 Tips to Relieve Your Stress!

Life can be a hectic merry go round going around and around at warp speed with everything in your purse flying out, your hair looking like you rolled it in firecrackers and the notifications on your phone popping off literally every three seconds.  wHERk has five tips to de-stress your life so you can control your merry go round without losing yourself. Let’s get into it!

As a woman, we know that the majority of the time, everything depends on us.  We have to be the organized ones, we have to have it “together”, we have to make sure the kids are alright then get back to business (ala Beyonce).  When all those balls we’re juggling start to fumble, that’s when the feelings of stress start to creep in along with the feelings of inadequacy and angst.  It’s overwhelming and can drive the best of us straight to the bottom of a tub of Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream. Not good Ladies. Not good.

Put the spoon down, put the ice cream away, and put the tips below to good use to blow those stressful moments to oblivion!


Ok, unroll your eyes!  Meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be you sitting cross-legged on the floor “OMMMMMM-ing” all over the place.  If that’s your thing, do you! But, meditation is really all about centering your inner being to being present and in the moment using your breathing.  So when you’re stressed, what you do is sit and plant your feet on the ground and sink your body into your chair. Take deep breaths, in and out slowly, focusing on your breath to bring your mind back into focus on the present moment.  You can do this for a minute or more than 5, whatever works for you! In the end, you will come out of it relaxed and ready to tackle anything.

Watching cartoons

Listen, I know you’re not five years old.  HOWEVER, there is something calming that happens when you watch cartoons.  Your mind goes blank. You don’t have to be invested in “My Little Pony” but it’s relaxing that as you’re sitting there your mind is going AWOL (in a peaceful way) and suddenly your stress is out the window.  Rocko’s Modern Life is on Netflix now. Just sayin’.


So your deadline is looming, the Internet just went out and the dog is sitting on your laptop and won’t move.  Just before you scream your frustration to the heavens, stand up. Reach your arms upward as high they can go and STRETCH!  The action of stretching your entire body up, bending it slightly releases a lot of stress. Do it as many times as you need to, then crack those knuckles, get the dog off the laptop and head out to wHERk or a coworking space in your local community. 

Work Out

When you are under a great deal of stress, you don’t just suffer emotionally or mentally, your body suffers as well.  So work it out! And I’m not talking about an easy Sunday stroll at the park either (although that would work as well!).  Go to the gym and do some heavy cardio, weight lifting, or punch it out in a boxing class. Doing some physical exertion in the form of a high calorie-burning workout literally removes the stress from your body.  Added bonus: You come away from it feeling like you can take on the world! Take that, stress!

Body Scan

This is not what you’re thinking, alright?  This is an exercise in watering the flowers and not the weeds and really geared toward a whole human that is causing you stress.  So your sister is home for Thanksgiving and her favorite holiday activity is criticizing every single thing you do. You could engage and criticize her dry macaroni and cheese OR take a deep breath and scan her body from head to toe.  Scan it until something about her that you find beautiful or compassionate distracts you from the stress she is causing you. It could be her hairstyle, the color of her eyes, the sound of her voice, the graceful way she walks, or the outfit she chose to wear.  Then, compliment her on what you find. It throws off the criticism/stress and is a very simple way to interrupt the pattern of dysfunction.

Stress is an unfortunate given in life but you don’t have to make it comfortable.  Fight the need to give in to it and put some, or all, of these tips into play.