wHERk was built to meet the needs of today's modern working woman.

As working moms and entrepreneurs we know first hand how difficult it can be to climb the success ladder while juggling different roles.

We also know that for so long women have felt the need to choose between career and life; trying to place each in its only little basket.

Here at wHERk we’re curating a community that supports the whole woman through all stages of life,  both personal and professional, so she doesn’t have choose one over the other.

We met while working as marketing reps and realtors for the same real estate firm. During our time in the world of real estate and marketing, we found ourselves juggling many different roles; professionals, women and working moms that it was overwhelming at times.

We were lucky to work with a team of supportive women that encouraged and motivated one another.  We began imagining a workspace and community like ours accessible to all women; there the dream for wHERk began.
Our vision is for a diverse and authentic community of women who believe in collaboration and not competition.

We desire for women to have the opportunity to work alongside their best girlfriends even if they work in different industries.

We imagine wHERk as a space where powerhouse professional women could take off their stilettos and not be judged; a space where women have the tools to be build their best business.

Anquilla Bellow and Verlonda Johnson,
Founders of wHERk